Benjamin Moore x Pennyweight II by Elise Joseph

Earlier this year, I used Benjamin Moore paints in my new home, and fell in love with the quality, coverage and strong color options. It was fun to partner with them again recently to test out the Regal Select Interior Paint line (in a matte finish). I imagine this to be the perfect product for a kitchen or kid's room, as it is extremely durable, resists stains and cleans up easily. In this case, we made over my dear friend's versatile guest bedroom, that also doubles as an office and laundry room.

Chelsea's modern loft home is airy and bright, so it was exciting to work together to bring something more moody and warm to the space. I love a good white wall, but we elevated things by contrasting the home's light walls with this deep Tarrytown Green HC-134. The Regal paint line specifically keeps the busiest rooms looking beautiful, which is important when this functional, small space needs to also serve as a relaxing guest room.

Photography by Chelsea O'Leary for Pennyweight.

Converse: Twigss Floral Studio by Elise Joseph


I recently had the pleasure of meeting Addison Searles, one of the lovely ladies behind Twigss Floral Studio. She created the most beautiful arrangements for the Pennyweight Pop Up launch party at Wilder last weekend. I'm so excited to share photos of the shop space and design - a project that's been keeping me real busy for the past month. I asked Addison a few questions about their business, inspirations, and what it's like working as a mother-daughter duo. Read on for tips, flower details and more images from the pop up.

Working as a mother and daughter duo sounds like so much fun. What is your process like together?

We have always been very close and are very likeminded. Owning a business together was a dream of ours. We never knew we’d end up being floral designers. When it comes to designing, we have a great checks and balance system. The way close friends finish each others' sentences, we tend to finish each others' arrangements. When you stare too long at something, you can lose sight of the beauty of it. Having a partner that just knows what you are trying to achieve alleviates that stress.

Where are some of your favorite places to find floral inspiration?

I think any artist can attest to this, but honestly, anywhere and everywhere - you just have to be openminded. We spend a lot of time at garden centers/nurseries looking for new plants to plant in our garden, as well as reading garden books. It’s important for us that we understand the medium we are working with, since our designs are so seasonal. England has always had a huge place in our hearts - you really can’t beat an English garden. The English's passion for gardening and flowers is contagious. We are huge believers in color, so I would say when we don’t have to work with a specific color palette, that's when we really get to be inspired and shine. We often just shop the flower mart waiting to be inspired by a bloom or foliage with the right color, then things tend to fall into place.

What is your personal favorite flower?

That’s a question that florists get asked a lot, and it’s a hard one to answer. Like I was saying, florals are very seasonal, so with each new season brings a new favorite! And every year it feels like we tend to favor a new bloom. But some blooms we gravitate towards when they are in season are…

Cornflowers or Bachelor Buttons: They come in bright blue, white, dark burgundy and light pink. They are so sweet and delicate - you only get a few blooms to a bunch but they always add that extra something special in an arrangement.

Pansies: If we had to choose one flower, these little happy faces would be it! If taken care of, they can bloom almost year round and come in so many different colors. They really make us smile. They do have very short stems so they aren’t something we use all the time.

Garden Rose: They are a must in the favorites category. They are sweet and evil at the same time, with their nasty thorns and soft ruffly petals. We have been known to pull off the highway on many occasions to snip these beauties.

What was your inspiration behind the flowers for the Pennyweight x Wilder event?

For this, we again really relied on what colors at the flower mart spoke to us. I made sure we had some dark elements because the space is so light and many of the beautiful things that Wilder sells are light in color, so we wanted to have that contrast. The arrangement that was in the Pennyweight Pop Up portion of the space really reflected the aesthetic. The soft neutrals and pastel roses complimented the space and didn’t compete with it (seen in top photo above).

Any tips for beginners who want to put together a bouquet at home?

There is no right or wrong way to make an arrangement, just some simple helpful things that can make building something so much more enjoyable!

1. Whether you buy grocery store blooms or go out in your garden and snip them, cleaning them is super important. Striping you stems of excess greens and making sure there isn’t any foliage sitting in water will improve the longevity of your blooms and help your arrangements to look cleaner and more professional. This is something I find most people don’t do.

2. Choose a complimentary color palette. We recommended choosing three colors. This makes for a good contrast and allows you to have depth in your arrangement. Think about your container’s color and the colors that go well in your home. If you want to use bright colors like orange and pink, make sure your third color is white or is a super dark pigmented flower - this will add contrast and make your bright blooms pop.

3. Foliage or greens are everything in a loose and wild arrangement. The more the better! Having a base of greens makes arranging a lot easier and will help with the color palette and making your blooms stand out.

4. Keeping your blooms in fresh water is another thing I think people tend to forget to do. If you want to keep your flowers happy make sure the water levels are full and that you switch out the water every other day or so.

Photography by Ryan Bernal for Pennyweight.

003 / Pennyweight Pop Up by Elise Joseph

This last round of images are my favorite yet. I love the way the dark background looks in natural light, and find a lot of the colors feel like a painting. Designers featured in this shoot include Josi Faye, Jesse Kamm, 7115 by Szeki, Ceri Hoover, Kieley Kimmel, Proud Mary, the palatines, Kathleen Whitaker, Jujumade and Westerlind. See a complete list of lines that will be at the Pennyweight Pop Up here, and get a peek at the shop on opening day.

And don't forget to please join us on Saturday night, May 30th from 6-9 pm for the launch party at Wilder in Nashville. I hope to see you there!

Photography by Zachary Gray / Styling by Elise Joseph / Assisting by Chelsea O'Leary / Makeup by Chelsea Esquibel / Hair by The Lady & Rock / Models by Eye Management.