The Neva Chair


Sixpenny is a new furniture company challenging the preconceived notion that premium quality comes at a premium price. I was really excited to discover their collection, and this new hunk of a chair (the Neva style) is the most beautiful and cozy thing I've ever owned.


It's big enough to fit two comfortably, and is made from a soft, lightweight linen (if you can't already tell, I'm quite a linen junkie). It's fluffy, worn-in look feels minimal and effortless at the same time, and the down and feather fill lets you sink right in. I shared a peek of it before, but here's the new Neva chair and ottoman enjoying the serene, light-filled corner of our den.


The beautiful rust and tannin dyed pillow is made by Samantha Verrone, and available through my online shop—Goodwin.