Canon Blue | Beholden

I don't talk much about him on the blog, but my better half (Daniel James) is an extremely talented artist, writer and producer. We met eleven years ago but reconnected in 2012 while he was producing the Among Savages project that came out recently—go have a listen to that beautiful record.

Daniel has an artist project himself called Canon Blue, and has released two incredible albums. The upcoming record, titled Lasso Yo, has been six years in the making. Being a part of this journey with him has been the biggest honor—and an enriching, awakening experience for the both of us. I'm overwhelmed with pride and love for him, and continue to be in awe of the art that he creates.

The first track 'Beholden' is out now, with the incredible music video debuting today on Noisey—VICE's music channel. It was directed, written + filmed by Jouka Valkama.

+Lasso Yo is out October 6th. Listen to 'Beholden' on Spotify here, and watch the video over on Vevo.