Oh, Hello There

Hello... is this thing on? My, what a year it has been! I often find myself piling on work and bogging myself down, feeling guilty for not getting everything done. You may have noticed that I've been pretty absent from Pennyweight this past year - It's been a really wonderful, crazy and wild one: I married my sweet man in December 2015, moved into a new apartment in January 2016, launched Goodwin in September 2016 and most recently purchased our first home together in February 2017 (that we are renovating - more to come on this soon!). Dan and I joke that we thrive in chaos. I think it was necessary for me to take a little break from things around here, but I'm really excited to connect again and check in on a more regular basis. Pennyweight has always been a fun, creative outlet for me—a place to document my inspirations and share the stories, people, places and products that I love and discover along the way.

So... if you're still out there, thanks for following along. This blog started on a whim way back in 2009, and it's crazy to think of all that has transpired in these last eight years. I'm so grateful for the friendships, opportunities and learning experiences that Pennyweight has brought my way. I'll be back with a fun interview tomorrow.



Image: Vanderlei Lopes / Polished Bronze, 2014.