Wanted: Studio Setup

What a month it has beenwe are really starting to settle into our new home together. While we were quick to get the main rooms in order (the living room and bedroom), we still have a ways to go with the rest of the place. My husband has a home studio to work on music, and we want to make sure to decorate it just right. He has a lot of gear to fit into a small space, needs comfortable seating options for co-writes, and still wants it to look stylish and be very versatile. Here are some pieces we are eyeing for his creative space:

+Naima Moroccan Shag Rug from the brand new Hesby collection.
+Gold Foil Planner by my friend Julia Kostreva. I pick up a new one every year - it's hard to choose a favorite design!
+Vintage Gibson ES-335. A dream guitar for my husband.
+Santal 26 Vintage Candle by Le Labo. A familiar, welcoming scent in our home.
+Sven Oxford Black Sofa by Bryght. This line is beautiful, affordable and the quality looks top notch.
+Rory Pot from WILDER. I love Isaac Nichols' quirky work, and already have one of his bathing suit pots in our space.
+FRENDS x Swarovski Limited Edition Headphones. These are a little (okay, a lot) extravagant, but very nice to look at. Each cap takes 15 hours to make from start to finish, making these a true work of art.
+Fantastic Man. Because good reading materials are always a necessity.
+Need Supply's HBJ7 Circle Poster. We have this in another color, and it really pops in the studio.