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Converse: Spartan Shop x BLTN

A Conversation With Currie Person of Spartan

I have been a longtime fan of Currieboth personally and professionally. She has such an encouraging, positive spirit, not to mention a fantastic eye for curating. I had the privilege of getting to know her a couple of years ago in Portland, and her influence and shopkeeper advice will stick with me for years to come. Her carefully edited Spartan Shop collection features beautiful, practical objects for home and life. I was so excited to learn about Spartan's new collaboration with BLTN jewelry, featuring these incredible rose quartz pieces. I've asked her a few questions about the exclusives, that happen to be available just in time for those last minute Mother's Day gifts.

How did this collaboration with Better Late Than Never come about?

I tend to acquire jewelry as a remembrance of specific times or places in my life. I wear these pieces, often everyday for years, to bring me comfort and pleasure in remembering. Accordingly, I often give jewelry as gifts in honor of specific, pivotal moments in the lives of those I love. Although I don’t tend to be a very mystical kind of gal (at all!), Sara Dudzinsky of BLTN and I have been talking about a little collaboration collection for Spartan, and we thought it would be lovely to create some pieces in this beautiful, elegant shape and subtly colored stone that's easy to wear every day—little talismans that you can buy for yourself or someone else to give strength and comfort or just as a token of affection and appreciation. 

I know rose quartz is known to have a loving sentiment, which is especially sweet this time of year with Mother's Day right around the corner. Can you tell me more about what it represents?

I have so many dear women in my life that are facing huge, courageous changes this year (becoming mothers, actualizing their passions, breaking free of bad relationships) and a pal mentioned to me rose quartz is often given in a spirit of unconditional love and protection. When I did a bit more digging about this pale pink stone, I found that it is said to represent tenderness, compassion, healing, and nourishment.

The timing was a bit of a coincidence, but we thought that Mother’s Day would be an appropriate time to release these pieces, as the stone is said to possess so many beautifully maternal qualities - however the collection in not specifically intended for mothers to give or to receive and we hope that they will resonate more broadly.


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