I've been reading a lot around the web lately about grief, ugliness and perfection, and wanted to contribute to the ongoing conversation.

So often, blogs and social media can give the appearance of perfect lives. Lives without pain, sadness, stress, struggles, failures. It's so easy to compare ourselves to what we're constantly being bombarded by in our feeds. I, too, fall into this trap, and find myself thinking a lot about the content that I'm putting out into the world. I tend to steer away from sharing anything too personal, as I like to view Pennyweight as its own thinga place to create beautiful content, document inspirations, share stories of my favorite designers, places, products, etcetera. But those hardships are just as much a part of my daily life as my curated blog or Instagram feed.

I never want to imply that my life is perfect or better than anyone else's. I'm divorced, I have dirty dishes in my sink, I haven't vacuumed my rugs in weeks, I work from home in my pajamas a lot of the time. But I'm also loved, hard-working, independent and incredibly fortunate. We all have a beautifully tragic story.

If you'd like to dig more into this, I encourage you to read this stunning post on the topic of 'Ugly' by Kate, and this sad, honest post from Joanna.

Don't forget to appreciate and savor this life we've been given - the wonderful, happy, pretty things with the ugly, messy, catastrophic things. It's all a part of a bigger story. "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Artwork by Tomomichi Morifuji.