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A Trip To Detroit

Last weekend, I got to explore the city of Detroit for the first time. The kind folks over at Willys Detroit and Shinola invited me out for their Style Slam event. I got to meet some really cool people, catch up with my friend Jessica Comingore, try on a lot of amazing clothes (aka spend too much money) and adventure around the city for a couple of days.

Some highlights included:

+The architecture. The attention to detail on the old buildings was so stunning, and made me wonder what it must have been like to live there back in the hay day of Motor City.

+Dinner and amazing cocktails at Selden Standard. Everyone raved about this place, and for good reason. We sat by the kitchen and got to watch all of the incredible dishes being made.

+Astro Coffee. Still dreaming about that perfect cappuccino and buttermilk scone. The chalkboard wall is not too shabby, either.

+The Belle Isle Conservatory. Even on a dreary day, this place took my breath away.

+Rose’s Fine Food. This diner was apparently only in its ‘soft' opening, but felt like it had been there forever. Cozy neighborhood vibes with hearty yet healthy comfort food.

+Willys. I’ve been a fan for awhile now, so it was lovely to be able to shop the store in person and meet the awesome crew behind it. I spent (what felt like) years in the fitting room, trying on everything from Jesse Kamm to Steven Alan to Caron Callahan and Apiece Apart.

+The weather. I definitely want to go back in the summertime, as we experienced some interesting weather this trip. 60 mile-per-hour winds, rain and even some snow flurries. It made picture-taking a fun and windy challenge.

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