Wanted: Winter Blues

I'm not going to lie... I have had a difficult time finding my rhythm again since the craziness of the holidays. The new year is not exactly off to the start that I thought - but here are a few of my saving graces, helping me through the inevitable winter blues.

+Purple Fashion Magazine. I just picked up this A/W 2014 edition, and have already spent hours poring over the endless inspiration. It's really more of a book then a magazine - totally worth the splurge.
+Orchids. This time of year, I always try to have an abundance of fresh flowers and orchids around the house to keep things bright and fresh.
+Elizabeth Suzann Knot Bag. My friend just released these simply stunning bags, and it's adding a lot to my outfits these days.
+Mazama Mug. One routine that hasn't changed is my slow morning ritual of making coffee. These mugs are my go-to. I have them in ash but am thinking about purchasing this beautiful glass color.
+Faribault Wool Throw. My brother and sister-in-law got me one of these amazing blankets for Christmas, and it's been the perfect cozy addition to movie nights on the couch.
+Earth Tu Face Skin Stick. This stuff is a lifesaver in the dry months. Use it on your lips, face, nails or body. And it smells (and tastes!) so so good.
+Rodin Luxury Body Oil. Another Christmas gift this year - my skin is feeling extremely grateful for this moisturizing body oil. It smells like subtle freshly cut flowers!
+Astier de Villate Incense Box. Since I'm spending a lot of cold days indoors, this incense can really lift my spirits. I can't get enough of this French line.
+Julia Kostreva Daily Planner. Writing things down in a planner helps me to balance all the spinning plates and projects in my head.