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Office Space

I am so happy to officially have a designated office space in my house! I work from home the majority of my time, so it's really exciting to have a place that will (hopefully) help me stick to more regular hours - this book I read recently about creative rituals has really inspired me to establish my own.

Since most of my walls are white, I went with a dramatic dark look for the office. I played with brighter pops of color in the inspiration wall and on my desk. I prefer an organizedyet slightly clutteredworkspace. The beautiful desk from Smart Furniture makes a subtle statement with its glossy shine and geometric shape. The stunning fixture is by my friend Adam of Southern Lights Electric, who has done most of the lighting throughout my home. The racks are lined with Elizabeth Suzann, a Nashville designer that I am currently consulting with. I love having lots of reading materials handy - like W Magazine, Monocle or The New York Times.

Photography by Austin Lord and Elise Joseph for Pennyweight.

Blue Hues

Weekend Listening: Karen Dalton