Converse: Klára Grančičová

I got out of the habit, but am back and excited to introduce some new and exclusive content with our third installment of Converse. I recently discovered the mesmerizing work of Klára Grančičová, a visual artist born in Prague now residing in Germany. I have loved following her daily drawings on Instagram and even purchased some of her pieces for my home. There is something so special about her art... it has really impacted me and I hope it does the same for you.

How did this series of work originate?  

For as long as I can remember I've been making notes this way... I would always capture my thoughts and observations using simple lines and shapes on whatever scraps of paper I had at hand. Then I started keeping the ones I liked and recreating them, and with time they've found their form. 

Does the image come first or the text? How do they inform each other?

Mostly the text - the image is my understanding of it, but it happens the other way round as well.

Can you walk us through how you create an individual piece? Do you start with sketches and rough drafts? 

First of all, I'm remarkably unsystematic and chaotic in everything I do. I also don't have a studio space right now, so I draw wherever and whenever I can during the day. Then at night I try to edit my mess and come to a conclusion. I have piles of sketches everywhere.

Is there a philosophy behind using such minimal images to explore often dense and complex concepts and phrases? Do these pieces serve a role in navigating these concepts and phrases in your own life?

It's my personal quest for simplicity. I get lost in and overwhelmed by the complexities of today's world.

A lot of the texts seem to deal with psychology and the way the mind processes life experiences. Do you have a background in studying anything related to those fields?

Not at all, I'm just very much into observing how the mind works.

I've noticed you share a new drawing every day. What role, if any, does ritual or routine play in your creative process?

I started posting them every day to become more productive and gain some sort of a momentum. But I think doing anything daily is extremely beneficial. It keeps you focused and grounded.

There seems to be a certain preference in your work for certain colors, i.e. blue, red, and black feature prominently, whereas a color like green is almost absent. Is there a deeper reason beyond personal taste for the use of color in these pieces?

I just find them the most powerful and most symbolic.

How have places you've livedlike Pragueinfluenced your work?

I studied in Spain and now I'm living in Germany, I was never really involved with the artist community in Prague, so I wouldn't say it has influenced the work I'm doing now, but it has certainly influenced my taste and perception. Also, my mum is an actress, so I grew up in theaters, often alternative, surrounded by performers and creative people of all kinds, which I think conditioned me to see things differently.