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eBay Wishlist

I've had a love/hate relationship with eBay for several years now. Of course I've never really hated it, but it's crazy how worked up I can get over bidding wars. My preference is to always use the "buy it now" button, but sometimes that just isn't an option.

There are so many things to love... I've found some serious treasures for my home over the years. It can take quite a bit of patience and digging (and looking past some blurry, bad photography), but it is well worth the reward. In the past year, I've also been using eBay to buy new or gently used clothing from some of my favorite designers. And, of course, an endless selection of vintage!

eBay has recently rolled out some great new features, including collectionsmuch like Pinterest boardsas well as guides (I love reading some of Justina Blakeney's tips). I've partnered with them to create my own guides and collections for their site.

+5 Good Reasons To Splurge On Designer Clothes
+How To Wear A Hat
+10 Essential Reads For The Fashion Lover
+5 Ways To Incorporate Mid-Century Style At Home

There is much more over on my eBay page, where you can create your own profile, follow other users' collections, write your own guides and more.

All of the items seen here can be found on eBay in my collections: Fall Favorites / Designer Splurges / Mid Century / Sensible Shoes / Home Furnishings / Accessories / Fashion Library / Hat Head.

Lauren Winter FW14

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