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New Year, New Beginnings

Photo by Anna Kieblesz.

Photo by Anna Kieblesz.

The past couple years have brought many changes into my life... I feel like I've been trying to keep my head on straight, to enjoy the ride, to savor the sweet moments, to push through the hard times. A recent conversation with a friend brought a lot of clarity and put words to exactly how I've been feeling: It's like driving onto the interstate, accelerating quickly, pedal to the floor, just waiting for the pressure to let up and the gears to shift. That's been my life for awhile now. You know you can handle it, you know you are strong and can keep on going, but you are ready for that release... that relief.

I have had so many incredible experiences over the last seven monthshopping around the states and spending the majority of my time on the west coast. Los Angeles was so good to me, and Portland welcomed me with open arms and open hearts. I'm now settling in to life back in Nashville, where I will keep my home base and continue to travel as much as possible. There are many exciting things to come in 2014.

My resolution this year is simple: to give more. Give more to my relationships, my work, my family. Give more to my hometown, my own heart and to this community of internet friends.

Thanks for continuing to follow along. Happy new year, a month late.


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