Pennyweight Goods No. 07


I have been friends with Clark Heldman since the second grade. Growing up in Nashville, we were a part of many birthday parties, class field trips, awkward school dances and social gatherings together. Thankfully since high school, we have collaborated on various projects and events - but this one takes the cake. It is a joy to share the beautiful art of CLRK with you, and I am delighted to offer these three stunning driftwood pieces for this month's Pennyweight Goods. This is only just the beginning for CLRK, but get readyher work is truly something special.


For as long as I can remember, you've always been creating - be it canvas, jewelry, home goods or fragrances. What is your design process like, from beginning to end?
I feel it in my blood: the pulse to create what I find to be beautiful. My process is experiencing the world... traveling, observing, collecting. I am most inspired by natural forms and spend a lot of time in nature.

What is your background and experience in, where have you lived, and how has that (and those surroundings) influenced your creative process?
I studied painting and farming in school, and my experience has been in floral design, installation and visual displayand most recentlymetal casting. From a young age, I've desired a range of experiences - I've lived and spent significant time in Hawaii, the southwest desert, the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta, New York City and Nashville. While living in New York, I was submersed in great design, curation, music and enriching creatives. I've probably been most visually influenced by my time in Utah, and living and hiking across the northwest desert landscape really shifted what I crave spatially.

I know fashion, art, nature and music play big roles in your life. Who are some of your favorite artists? What do you find yourself listening to when working?
Ann Hamilton and Terrence Koh are two huge influences. My current listens are Waverly by Solar Year and Childish Prodigy by Kurt Vile.

Where did the inspiration for these Pennyweight Goods pieces come from?
When classical elements condition natural surfaces over time, dramatic sculptures emerge. In this driftwood luster piece, we see the immortal sculpting properties of both fire and water. I was inspired by this relationship and the sensual pooling and layering of burning wax.


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Thank you to Joe Gomez for the photos and video.