Life, Lately


01. Currently doing a 3-day juice cleanse from Pressed Juicery.

02. Marveling at the work of artist Shantell Martin.

03. Trying not to be too envious of my girl Tarafirma's travels.

04. Listening to the new Rogue Wave record while I work.

05. Craving a sunny day by the water where I can unwind and unplug.

06. Working on some fun projects for one of my favorite design blogs.

07. Wearing the daylights out of the new tees from imogene + willie.

08. Getting excited for a fun trip to Portland next week!

09. Dreaming up new business card designs, that I hope to create with Kristine from Presshaus LA.

10. Apartment hunting in Los Angeles (!!!).

11. Obsessing over a few Tumblr blogs: ERNESTS, KEVC and TRAUERMUSIK.

12. Helping plan Nashville's first Blogshop with my friend Bri Emery.