Pennyweight Goods No. 04

It is such a joy to work with friends, not only on projects for my own home, but projects I can share with all of you... introducing a beautiful swing arm wall lamp for Pennyweight Goods, April 2013. I am a huge fan of my friend Adam Gatchel from Southern Lights Electric, and am continually impressed by the variety of lighting and gorgeous fixtures he creates. I have four of his pieces in my home, and am delighted that one of them can now be yours as well.

Photo by  Joe Gomez .

Photo by Joe Gomez.

Your work obviously has a lot of vintage influence, particularly the mid-century period. Is there a reason or personal story behind it?
I love the clean lines of mid-century design and the functionality of industrial pieces. I often try to combine those two. Sometimes using very raw, unfinished materials to create something with more form, like I did with this wall lamp.

Tell us a little bit more about the process. How long does it typically take from start to finish?
Each piece has a different process. Some pieces were thought about for months while others, like the Bell Jar lamp were inspired by materials and came together quickly. The design inspiration can come from any place from architecture to simple materials. Many times I am trying to recreate a vintage piece in a new way. I usually go through the entire building process in my head before I pick up any tools, working out potential problems and revising the design. Some pieces take months to develop and build.


Why is lighting so important in a home?
Lighting is the easiest way to change the mood and atmosphere in a room. It doesn’t matter how you decorate your home, if your lighting is harsh and cold, no one is going to be comfortable. Home lighting should be done in layers that can be adjusted depending on the time of day, activities, mood, etcetera. What might be a good lighting setup for reading a book isn’t necessarily the best lighting for a dinner party. A selection of floor, table, ceiling lights, and candles will give you lots of options to create the correct mood.

You've lived in Nashville for the past 11 years, but resided in Chicago before that. Does your location and surroundings inspire your work?
Nashville is definitely an inspirational place. There are so many talented artists and craftsmen that I get inspiration from. It’s a very community-driven place and I am so happy to be surrounded by these amazing people.

You've got great style. Where are some of your favorite places to shop for men or home goods? Do you read any blogs or websites on a regular basis?
Some of my favorite websites are:,,,, and I’m also addicted to Svpply.

Where did the inspiration for this Pennyweight Goods piece come from?
I have been doing a lot of metal work lately, which gave me the opportunity to try some variations on the classic mid century “Potence Lamp.” This was an effort to create a smaller swing arm wall lamp. Since it swings 180 degrees, it can serve as a light source for multiple areas, and the pivoting shade gives you the ability to direct the light right where you need it without getting glare in your eyes.

Photo by  Joe Gomez .

Photo by Joe Gomez.

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Thank you to Joe Gomez for the photos and video.