Mazama Wares

I've met some crazy inspiring people during my time in Portlandmany of them over a cup of coffee or a cocktail. So I was excited to learn that some of my friends here have created Mazama, handcrafted ceramic vessels built around moments with a drink.

Usual moments made notable by the ritual of drink—sometimes celebratory, sometimes contemplative: the morning routine of French press or espresso; the familiar feel of a mug full of tea; the welcome cold of a day’s end beer. Mazama was built around these moments, and we’re creating ceramic wares designed to enhance them and bring them into everyday life as often as possible.

Everything is produced in their Portland studio, and they've just launched their Kickstarter project, which will allow them to buy the raw materials for their first big production run, as well as hire qualified craftspeople for their studio. Support these talented friends, and get a ceramic tumbler (and leather coasters!) too. I've got a coffee mug that I know will be put to good use.