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imogene + willie women's autumn 2012

If you would have asked me this time last year where I thought my career was headed, I never could have imagined the path to look quite like this. It has been windy and rough at times, but incredibly rewarding and adventurous. While this blog has been somewhat overlooked lately, my heart has been full working as Media Director for imogene + willie.

It is such a joy to interact with these beautiful people each and every day. The love, care, thought and attention to detail that they put into everything is truly inspiring. They give 110 percent and I consider myself blessed to call them not only dear friends, but family.

Enjoy this little video we created to announce the new women's collection, browse it on Anthropologie's Made In Kind and please plan a visit to Nashville to see it in person at our renovated gas station. Trust me, it's fantastic.

Film by Allister Ann / Music by Odessa Rose

Moving Mountains

Music Mix: Golden Hour