Music Mix: Golden Hour

It's been quite awhile so I figured it was about time for a new music mix. While I've already found myself craving fall (and layers!), I'm trying my hardest to savor the last days of summer - even if it is over 100 degrees in Nashville. I asked my dear friend Mike to put together a mixtape and he did not disappoint. This man is constantly introducing me to delightful new tunes. So what do you say we end this summer with a bang?

01. Foreign Fields - From The Lake To The Land
02. Superhumanoids - Geri
03. Pure Bathing Culture - Ivory Coast
04. Timber Timbre - Bad Ritual
05. Soko - First Love Never Die
06. Oregon Bike Trails - Cayucas
07. Vetiver - Faint Praise
08. Rhye - Open
09. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Bubble
10. Goldroom - Fifteen
11. Delay Trees - Gold

Listen HERE.

Cover photo by Tim Melideo.