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Poppy & Leo Shop Sneak Peek


As each day passes I become closer and closer to opening up shop! All of the digital designs have been finalized and sent off to the printer, and I'm hard at work in my studio building a supply of hand-stamped and chalked stationery. My next step is to design and order packaging materials. When a customer receives one of Poppy & Leo's stationery sets I want the packaging to be a reflection of my style, aesthetic and quality. I'm envisioning kraft paper boxes, black and white twine, with a bit of gold, or a pop of color (maybe neon?). Those details will be ironed out in the coming days.

One major lesson that I've learned during this process so far, is not to obsess over things that can be changed. It's only natural that my designs, packaging, branding, etc. will evolve over time. 

Here's a little sneak peek of a few note cards that will be available, as well as a glance into my studio. The bright natural light that seeps through the windows, crisp white walls, and plant life that surround me in my workspace keep me motivated and inspired.

Perfect Fall Outfit

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