On Travel


When asked to compile something for your readers while you were away, I became envious of your impending adventures. I began reflecting on some of my very most favorite trips and what I have taken from them, in the most literal sense.

We all pack certain belongings in preparation for travel, but our travels often give us things to hold onto. These things, though they may find their way into corners or become lost among our possessions, still retain a characteristic of the place from where they came. The characteristics are intangible – a feeling, a memory – often transporting you to that particular place where we first felt them. While I cannot help but collect all sorts of things from the places I go, I hold especially close the books.

Listed L-R clockwise: (Esquire's Date Book, a gift from my Mother in her travels; Cheiro's Palmistry For All, Ste. Genevieve, MO 2010; Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Idaho Springs, CO 2010; Marilyn Monroe: A Never-Ending Dream; Portland, OR 2010; 1924 Atlas; Lovers, Ste. Genevieve, MO 2011)

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