[Wanted This Week] Galit Shachaf of Slow Noodle

Allow me to introduce you to one of my newest online friends, Galit Shachaf of Slow Noodle. Galit is a blogger and lovely lady from South Australia, who shares her impeccable taste and inspirations over here. She also does some pretty amazing round-ups, so I knew she'd be the perfect person to share her Wanted This Week. Enjoy!

1 Cutting Board / 2 Broisi Bow Blouse / 3 Removable Hood Coat / 4 Leather Satchel / 5 Rail Straight Cords / 6 Bird Throw / 7 Rabbit Print Scallop Purse / 8 Bron Necklace / 9 Circa Woven Foldover Notebook / 10 Olive Ballet Flats / 11 World Is A Book Cushion / 12 French Leather Club Chair