[Wanted This Week] Shawn Blackney

I met Shawn Blackney several years ago when I first started working in the music industry. Not only is he extremely good at his job, but he always manages to look so naturally cool while doing it. I love that he has a style all his own. His lovely wife Meg owns a beautiful local boutique called Habit -- you should definitely stop by if you are in town. Thank you Shawn for sharing your manly style and witty commentary with us.

A. Glasses: Who doesn’t want to look as wise and see as wisely as Atticus Finch?
B. Brylcreem: It’s not sticky. Trust the originals – they knew what they were doing!
C. Whiskey: Few things go better with a hot summer night than a glass of whiskey with a couple cubes of ice (just enough to make the glass sweat).
D. Headphones: Sometimes covering your ears is the only way to really hear.
E. In The Arena (book): Because football season is upon us. Patrick Fain Dye is full of wisdom delivered with a southern drawl. War Eagle Forever!
F. Mexican Coke: Made with real sugar! That fact and the glass bottle are good enough reasons to indulge.
G. Canoe: A man needs a boat.
H. Art: Butch Anthony is a genius and I hold his artwork in the same regard.
I. White Denim: It’s 100 degrees outside. If you must wear long pants, it only makes sense to make them white.
J. Bike: A man also needs a bicycle.