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[Wanted This Week] Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest

I am so very excited to welcome the delightful Miss Bri Emery of DESIGNLOVEFEST to the blog today! I adore this girl and her vibrant, colorful style. Her blog is full of fun and inspiring posts and her graphic design work is amazing (hello Rue Magazine!). Her new Style feature has particularly caught me eye and is definitely inspiring me to incorporate more color and pattern into my wardrobe. Her blog is currently getting a brand new look but you can check out her all new space Monday! Thank you for sharing your pretty pretty picks with us, Bri!

1. Summer Love Painting / 2. Mint Stingray Earrings / 3. Rachel Comey Shoes / 4. Gold Leaf Ring / 5. Photo Clips / 6. Chachi Mumu / 7. Batik Glass / 8. Metallic Pillow / 9. Cake Poster

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