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[Wanted This Week] Jennifer Young of I Art U

I am really excited to share a gorgeous Wanted from Jennifer Young this week. Jennifer is an incredibly talented photographer (see some of her work here) and blogger over at I ART U. Her work is truly stunning and never ceases to inspire me for hours on end. Don't miss her Seattle photos -- they make me want to pack my bags and move more than ever. I'll take one of each of her picks with me, please!

1. Fore by David of Old Brand New / 2. Two Tone Coral Necklace / 3. The Rucksack in Gray / 4. Architectural Pottery / 5. Miss KG Kyoto Woven Flat Sandals / 6. Tobacco Tortoise Fade Specs / 7. Pro-Ject Turntable / 8. Faceted Drawer Pulls

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