[Wanted This Week] Mallory McInnis of Where The Lovely Things Are

I was so excited to see the bright and colorful board Mallory put together for this week's Wanted. I tend to gravitate towards neutral colors and admire a lady that goes for bold hues. Her blog, Where The Lovely Things Are, is just that... oh so lovely. She is constantly introducing me to new independent artists and their dreamy work. I'm also a bit obsessed with her new Tumblr blog, Wear Color (don't miss this). Thank you Mallory for starting the day off so radiantly!

- - - - - - -

I always wear a lot of color, but in the summer I really go color-crazy...  it's a good thing, really, you can always pick me out of a crowd. Here are some of the colorful things I've recently fallen a little bit in love with...

1. a tee from Aubin & Wills - in the summer I'm either wearing a dress, or a t-shirt with a cute skirt / 2. jelly sandals from delias - I shopped at delias in middle school, but I can still find some cute things there... like these actually-attractive jelly sandals / 3. a tank from Madewell - I have a ton of basics from Madewell & they're all comfy & well-made & awesome / 4. a skirt by Jonathan Saunders - I wish / 5. Tarte lip tint - I love lip stains and tints because I get to have bright-bright lips, but avoid all the lipstick stickiness / 6. a Bally dress - once again, I WISH / 7. a Marimekko umbrella - I think I can say with no exaggeration that this is one of the most awesome umbrellas ever / 8. and a Dona Monroe dress - the perfect shade of orangey red.