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[Wanted This Week] M. Fay of Amateur Couture

M. Fay is a beautiful lady with an equally beautiful blog, Amateur Couture. Her perfect pairings of fashion and art are a constant inspiration... this gal really knows color, pattern and texture and has exquisite taste. I was thrilled that she wanted to be a part of the Wanted series and gasped when I saw her pretty photo (I think it's the first photo I've ever seen of her). Isn't she lovely? Thanks so much, M. Fay!

Art from Matou en Peluche | A Missoni Mare must | Multi-purpose balm by Josie Maran | Kate Spade bow cuff | Belle Sigerson Morrison sandals | Periwinkle polish from Scotch | Pink blouse | A pearly powder by Guerlain | A fragrance by Byredo

Top To Bottom / 04

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