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[Wanted This Week] Jenny of Aubrey Road


Jenny's blog, Aubrey Road, is a beautiful escape for me... Her dreamy images and natural finds immediately transport me to some exotic island, where I'm sipping a daiquiri and basking in the hot sun. Jenny's classic collection below shows just a glimpse of her exquisite taste. She wrote me from Manila and is leaving for Australia in less than a month (after a couple last weeks in Hawaii). Jenny, would you like to trade places with me? Here are some little luxuries that she'd love to take along on her journey.

Beautiful, but ridiculously expensive piece of luggage. Lightweight blanket & a good book. Striped bikini. Limited Edition Hawaii moleskin notebook. Travel candle in a familiar, favorite scent. Matte black camera with a viewfinder. Hardshell case for my precious laptop.

[Fashion] Maxi Skirts

Brent Hildy