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My music picks lately are all over the map... Click on the artist's name below to listen.

Daughter | The Wild Youth EP - Elena's vocals are breathtaking and she writes the dreamiest tunes. "Medicine" is rocking my world right now.

Nils Frahm | Felt - My good friend Mike introduced me to Nils and I quickly fell in love. We special ordered it on vinyl and I know it will sound absolutely beautiful spinning on the record player. Perfectly stated by Drowned In Sound, "Felt could easily be background fodder. Instead it makes quiet demands of your ears, full of aural quirks and subtle tenderness."

The Black Keys | El Camino - Okay, so this just came out yesterday, but I've already listened through a couple times and think it will be on repeat in our house for awhile. Their last record, Brothers, is still one of my favorites.


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