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Catching Up...

Hello my sweet friends! Sorry to be absent for a bit but I had the loveliest break and tried to savor every moment [away from the computer as much as possible]. I'm back today and trying to play catch up! So many e-mails to send, blogs to read, ideas to brainstorm... Happy New Year!

Last night I hosted a birthday party for my hubs who just turned 25 last week. It was what I'm calling a semi-elegant dinner party with a subtle Harry Potter theme [his favorite!]. Here are a few photos I snapped with my phone and I'll share more details [and mayyybeee a little video] soon!


And a glimpse of the aftermath... I will be hand-washing all of these today! Boo for no dishwasher!


Cheers to a fresh new week in a brand new year!!

Color Collective

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