Things To Be Happy About

Yesterday was just one of those days... I felt overworked, under-appreciated, sore [we painted our living room this weekend] and craved nothing but junk food. I was such a complainer that I couldn't even muster up a nice blog post. Am I alone in this? Well, I'm happy to report after indulging in said junk food, a massage from my sweet hubs, a long bath and a good nights' sleep, I'm feeling much better.
The adorable Elsie of A Beautiful Mess posted a 'Things To Be Happy About' post last night, and I thought it'd be the perfect list for me to make today as well.

- A trip to St. Louis for Labor Day weekend. It's been forever since I've been there and am quite excited to visit places like this!

- Beautiful weather. The temperatures have finally dropped a bit in Nashville, making it somewhat bearable to be outside now! Yay!

- A pretty new living room. The new paint color is much darker than I expected, but I really do love it. We finally got the room all put back together last night and I can't wait to share photos soon [still have a few more things to do first].

- A date night this week with the hubs. I have been keeping us busy with house project after house project, so I know we are both so looking forward to a night that is just about the two of us.

- Some exciting new things I'm working on for Troubadour Vintage. I'll be updating you on this soon soon soon.

Now that I've started, I could go on and on. What are you most happy about today?