Hellos & Goodbyes / by Elise Joseph

I've had a jam-packed couple of days that have included both happy and sad tears. Our good friend {and amazingly talented artist} Greg Sczebel just got into town for a few days... We spent last night laughing over Mexican food, devouring yummy frozen yogurt and playing some Canadian trivia {who knew their alphabet ends in zed and they eat something called poutine?}.

This morning I enjoyed a farewell coffee and crepes with my dear friend Kelli Trontell. I've blogged about her often -- her creativity, photography and sweet spirit continually amaze me. Kelli and her husband are packing up and moving to Montana next week! I will miss her dearly but can't wait to visit her out west SOON!

Hellos & Goodbyes
[top photo by Katie Moore | bottom photos by Kelli Trontell]