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The Florida beach was such a beautiful, relaxing getaway! My friend Katie and I felt spoiled in a two bedroom, two bath condo complete with a full kitchen and ocean views from the large balcony. Sigh, I already miss waking up to that everyday {but am happy to be back home with the hubs!}. When looking through my pictures, I think I must've been having too nice of a time to remember to snap photos. I didn't really get any of Katie and I together or even many of the ocean... oops!

Pretty sunset view where we enjoyed pasta and fried calamari one night.

Wish I could shop at this little market everyday. This is the same one seen in The Truman Show. :)

Pretty View
Enjoying the view from one of the oldest souvenir shops in Destin.

Colorful Street
Pretty colors on the streets of Seaside.

Gileah Taylor
National Record Store Day spent enjoying the lovely sounds of Gileah Taylor. Do yourself a favor and buy her record. Love this lady and her precious family!

Clara & Elise
Me and my new friend, Clara {Gileah's daughter}. I even taught her how to hula hoop!

I'll post a few more photos from the trip tomorrow. Have a lovely Tuesday!

Seashores... [Part Two]

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