[Day 10] Christmas Memories

Day 10 :: [Christmas Memories]
There are many happy things that I associate with this time of year... so I thought it'd be fun to pull some together for a cheery little holiday board. It's been so great over the past couple of years to welcome in new traditions [now that I have my husband's family to celebrate with, too]. What are your favorite Christmas memories or traditions?

Christmas Memories

Sleeping in! I love having a week or two with no work agenda and the hubs and I take full advantage of cuddling and sleeping in as much as we can. Sometimes we wake up early but just stay in our warm, cozy bed for hours talking and laughing -- just because we can!

Yummy cinnamon rolls and vanilla lattes. This was always a tradition in my household growing up -- we'd wake up to fresh mini cinnamon rolls, peeled oranges and a latte [or hot chocolate, if you prefer].

Pretty presents! I always looked forward to picking out one present to open on Christmas Eve, right before the big day!

A Christmas Story. This is a new one for me that I married into [and absolutely adore]. Every year we bundle up and watch Christmasy movies and this one always makes the list. Reindeer Garland by Toast.

Other favorites include: sitting by the warm fireplace and sparkly Christmas tree with a good book, going for walks in the snow and Trav's favorite Tollhouse Pie. It's taken me awhile to warm up to this one [I have no idea why... cookie pie? Yum!] but this is a must-have every year for the hubs on his birthday, which falls right after Christmas.

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