[Day 6] A Cozy Holiday Home

12 Merry-Making Days :: Day 6
Caitlin Flemming of Sacramento Street is just fabulous... Living in San Francisco, Caitlin is an interior designer who showcases the most lovely fashion, travel, interiors and pretty things on her blog. She is a constant source of inspiration for me and I can't wait to meet her in January at Alt Summit [she will be speaking]! Thanks so much for joining us, Caitlin!


A Cozy Holiday Home 1

When it comes to the holidays my favorite part is being at home - twinkly lights, my favorite chestnut candle, snow and being surrounded by family and friends all bring joy into my life. It's a magical time of year and there is no better way to celebrate than to embrace what you are grateful for. A roof over my head that I call my own - I'm so lucky to live in a gorgeous city that surprises me each and every day with its beauty.

But this time of year is also about decorating your home and making it your own. It's so fun going to holiday soirees and seeing all of the different ways friends decorate their homes. From wreaths on front doors, to a Christmas Eve tabletop, to the ornaments you hang on your tree - they all represent the home they are in. These are a few items that you would find in my house throughout the holiday season. If you want your home to smell amazing you better run to your nearest Williams Sonoma because they only carry this candle until New Years - I stock up every season.

A Cozy Holiday Home 2
1. Ornaments from Jayson Home & Garden
2. Wreath from Jayson Home & Garden
3. Socks from TOAST
4. Candle from Williams Sonoma
5. Blanket from TOAST

*Photos from This is Glamorous, martha stewart and we are infinate

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