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[Day 5] DIY Holiday Advent Tree

Day 5 :: DIY Holiday Advent Tree
Today I am so excited to share an adorable DIY from my friend and crafter-extraordinaire, Carissa of Yarn And Thread. I am always looking for fun little projects to help bring in the holiday spirit and can't wait to try this Holiday Advent Tree. Thank you so much for sharing, Carissa [and her hubby Aaron for taking all the photos]!

And... Congratulations to our Day 1 giveaway winner - Ashley! I'll e-mail you today for more information. Thank you to everyone who entered!


If you're like me, you wait all year for the holiday season. There's something about the crisp weather, the feeling of merriment all around, and the close of another year that just brings happiness.

With the rush of holiday shoppers and various parties taking place, it can be so easy for December to fly by. I try to remind myself to slow down and enjoy this time by doing fun holiday activities.

This holiday tree is perfect for reminding you of the special things you can do during the 12 days before Christmas. You could even spread them out during all of December if you'd like.

DIY Holiday Advent Tree

Here's my list of 12 special activities I like to check off every holiday season.

1. Decorate the Christmas tree [if you haven't already!]
2. Bundle up, grab someone you love, and take a walk in the snow
3. Visit a Christmas tree lot [even if you already have your tree!]
4. Find mistletoe, hang it, and kiss someone you love
5. Host an ornament exchange with friends or family
6. Donate time, love, or food to someone in need
7. Go to a local Christmas fair or event
8. Call a family member you haven't seen in a while
9. Make 1 new holiday recipe
10. Drive around your town to see Christmas lights
11. Host a movie night and watch holiday favorites like It's a Wonderful Life, White Christmas, or Elf
12. Open 1 present!

Supplies ::
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 8

Acorn Garland ::

1. Go out and find a collection of acorns. It's easiest to take a big bag with you since the tops come off easily.
2. With a hot glue gun in hand, put a dot of glue into the hat of the acorn and then push the acorn in so they can't come apart. Once you have all of the acorns glued [I had about 30 for my tree], it's time to paint!
3. You can use any colors you want to create acorn christmas lights. I chose multi-colored
lights! Dab a quarter size dollop of paint onto a painter's palette and start painting acorns. I painted 5 acorns with each color. It's also best to hang a string from the ceiling or somewhere else where you can tie the acorn and hang it vertically to dry.

While the acorns are drying you can work on the ornament tags ::

4. For inspiration you can Google search “vintage ornaments” and get ideas for color and shape. I decided to work with water color pencils because they didn't bleed through the other side and also had a nice bright, solid color in the end.
5. Draw the ornaments and fill them in with color.
6. With a fine tipped brush, glass of water, and rag towel on hand, paint over the colors with water. Make sure not to blend the colors! Rinse the brush before painting a new color.
7. Using a silver colored pencil, draw a little hoop at the top of the ornament.
8. You can use stamps or a marker to number each tag on the bottom corner.

9. On the back of each ornament card, write one activity.
10. If the acorns are dry, cut a long string and begin to tie the acorns on in whatever order you like.
11. Secure your branch in a vase, pail or jar and hang the acorn garland on the branches.
12. Next, tie the ornament tags evenly throughout the branches.
13. Step back and voila! Take a look at the fun activity tree you just created. Each day leading up to Christmas, find the appropriate number and make a plan to have fun during the holidays!

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