[Day 4] Fieldguided's Wanted This Week & Gift Guide

Day 4: Anabela's Wanted This Week & Gift Guide
I was oh-so excited when Anabela from the beautiful Fieldguided said she would be a part Pennyweight's Wanted This Week. Since we're in the middle of the 12 Merry-Making Days, Anabela has put together a special list of her favorites [from her wishlist] that also double as wonderful gifts for special ones in your life. Fieldguided is definitely one of my favorite blogs and I told Anabela that I think she is converting me to a cat person [gasp!]. Also stop by her shop for lovely goodies including totes, ties, prints and more.


Wanted This Week: Fieldguided's Edition

I really like shopping on Etsy because it's such a great resource for unique and rare gifts. Scout & Catalogue's Wanderer scarf is so lush and pretty, and in colours that I love. This vintage blazer has a masculine touch that I really like, and since it's cashmere, it is so luxurious. I really love my friend Caitlin's new dreamcatchers -- as with everything she does, they are so girly and pretty and sweet, and unlike any dreamcatchers I have ever seen. This teeth-shaped soap is creepy and cool, and I just love the sooty face of this kitty ring. I haven't had much luck with coffee makers over the years, but this drip coffee maker looks like it would be a beautiful addition to my kitchen and it would make coffee that actually tastes good -- plus it's made in a local studio, which is awesome. Finally, I have now become obsessed with glasses and I love MOD Vintage's selection of vintage frames. These ones are slightly rounded, which is a shape that I'm really into.