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[Day 3] For The Gentlemen

For The Gentlemen
I may be a bit biased, but my husband is just too cute for words. When I asked him to pull together a gift guide for the gentlemen, little did I know how seriously he would take it. I couldn't stop smiling and giggling reading his descriptions and seeing his picks, and I thought you'd all enjoy it [especially since his Wanted went over so well]. I hope this little list serves as inspiration for the men in your life! So without further ado, I give you my love...


Let's be honest: Whether the man in question is a husband, father, brother or boyfriend, it's hard to shop for guys. You might have gotten a shrug and a sigh instead of a Christmas list this year. Most men of a certain age can just buy what they want anyway, which only further frustrates those would-be gifters around Christmas time. And unless he's crazy-obsessed with one specific thing (like NASCAR or Star Trek or hunting), finding that perfect gift can quickly turn into a shot in the dark.

I understand, and on behalf of every man, I'm sorry. But before you get too stressed scouring the sporting goods store at the mall, allow me to help. Instead of a smart phone or a digital reader or, heaven forbid, a golf-themed tie, try getting the man in your life one of these alternative gifts:

Day 3 :: For The Gentlemen

1. Socks. Somewhere around the age of eight, we were tricked into thinking that socks were bum gifts. Lies. Supposedly, a nice pair of underwear is like an instant confidence boost for a woman. Well, I'm putting it out there: comfy, classy socks are like a man's new panties.

2. Moleskine notebook. For the thinker, the planner, the artist and the writer - these pocket notebooks can do it all. Man cannot live on PDA alone, right? Throw in a fountain pen set, and watch his Sophistication Points go up before your eyes.

3. Liquor. Your man deserves some really good booze for Christmas. Get him something out of the ordinary and treat it like a special occasion. Besides, even if he doesn't like whiskey or bourbon, he probably still tells his friends that he does.

4. Leather messenger bag. A little bit of leather can go a long way, and it sure beats shoving your $1500 laptop into a North Face backpack from college. If your guy isn't into the over-the-shoulder look? Try a briefcase.

5. Pipe match strike. I'm not quite manly enough to smoke a pipe yet, but I definitely still idolize every guy who does. Lighting a match with this on my mantle would be like starring in my own Dos Equis commercial.

6. Real books. As in, books that aren't about sports or cars or videogames. Don't get me wrong - Harry Potter and Sports Illustrated are two of my favorite reads. But the fact remains that every guy should have real books. Heart of Darkness. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Lord of the Flies. Get him some classic novels, and then get him Cash by Johnny Cash. He might never read them, but at least they'll look good on his shelf. Remember when Ron Burgundy bragged about his leather-bound books? Most guys want that, even if they won't admit it.

7. Anchorman. Speaking of News Channel 4... Raid your guy's DVD collection and make sure he has this movie. He needs it. And if you're feeling really ironic, get him the t-shirt, too. Stay classy, San Diego.

8. Pocket watch. From antique and pricey to sleek and modern, there is a pocket watch out there for everyone. Find the one that best fits his personality and you'll smile at how many excuses he finds to check the time.

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