[Wanted This Week] Allister Ann

Wanted This Week: Allister's Edition
Today's Wanted This Week comes from my sweet friend Allister Ann -- photographer, creator, designer-extraordinaire! This lovely lady has spent the past two months gallivanting around Europe, capturing the dreamiest images and photo memories from her travels. Head on over to her blog to feast your eyes on all the loveliness. Allister put together a wonderful traveling list full of practical, yet stylish necessities!

Wanted This Week: Allister Ann
1. English Tea, addicted!
2. A purse to carry around in each city, yet pack up oh so small into your bag when you fly or are on the train. Organic and eco-friendly... the best part is that all funds supply a child in Haiti with food for one year!
3. Passport stamps, each country a lovely new stamp
4. Portra film overload packed tight in my bag
5. Imogene and Willie Jeans // Had to pick up a pair of these before I left for two months... being natural denim, you never wash these. They form to your body and you build your vintage.
6. Keeping jewelry simple, my favorite necklace is by Falling Whistles,
to wear with reasoning in protest to have this whistle blow for peace in Congo.
6.5. Robert Henryson: The Testament of Cresseid and Seven Fabels : current read
7. X-tra cozy soft tees to dress up or down
8. Lotion and hand sanitizer in one, touching too many doors in one day, best to keep clean!
9. Viva La Juicy, current favorite scent
10. RoseBud Minted Rose chap stick is an addiction :)
11. Vintage Sunglasses // this is a consistent purchase for me. between losing and breaking them- found a pair of vintage sunglasses in northern London that are my favorite pair to date!
A dream pair of Christian Dior Vintage from the 70s, steep price for me, but oh so cute!
12. Trench Coat // should be in every young ladies closet -- thought this was a fabulous classic trench with a twist
13. Yves Saint Laurent Golden Cherry Gloss // going from day to night in one simple step
14. Printed tights are my new love, a small shop in London with every print you could think of, transforms any simple outfit to a new level
15. Mailing letters home
16. Mothers watch to keep track of the time differences in each country!
17. Ankle boots... that are your new best friend through walking
18. A clear umbrella to still see the sights above through the rain
19. Map saves lives
20. Belgium chocolate
21. For those bad hair days
22. There seems to be a perfect suiting song for every moment while through each adventure :)
23. Polaroid 215 Land camera!
24. Emergen-C to keep healthy and going
25. Moskine sketch book
26. Camera bag for all the goodies