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Now I Lay Me...

I'm tired. I posted on my Twitter yesterday that I think I could probably sleep for three days straight! Between busy work schedules, Troubadour's relaunch [have you seen it yet?], redoing our office and now renovating our bathroom... life has been crazy. I'm extremely excited to have a brand new bathroom but am not excited about all of the work it is going to entail! I am so thankful for a patient husband, helpful friends and family members and lately, my bed at night. I thought today would be an appropriate time to pull together a dreamy list of sleeping necessities.

Now I Lay Me...

1. The coziest set of PJs ever... and they are adorable! I love this line.
2. Green tea is my favorite. Perfect just before bedtime!
3. A cute little sleeping mask to help me close my eyes and relax.
4. Soft, cozy blankets are a definite necessity!
5. A vintage alarm clock because I must wake up and get to work!
6. Pretty little things -- just because.
7. I've never heard of this lotion but since it's called Dreams, I'm going to assume it's awesome.
8. I adore this line of candles. My favorite is the fresh cut lavender scent which is called Sleep Around. Hilarious.

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