[Fashion] Pretty Outerwear

If I haven't already made it clear, I absolutely love this time of year! As the air starts to get chillier, my mind immediately goes to outerwear. I've had a hard time shopping for coats and jackets in the past, but this year I'm determined to get it right. I think neutrals are the way to go... they pair well with everything, maintain a classic feel, plus - you can always throw some color into your outfit if you want. I've also decided that comfort is key... and luckily, this season's cozy fabrics and oversized silhouettes do the trick. Here are some on my wishlist ::

Fashion Friday: Outerwear

1. I'm not typically a faux-fur-kind-of-girl, but it didn't take me long to fall in love with this beautiful Cynthia Steffe coat. The texture is amazing and I adore the slouchy silhouette.

2. We all know how huge the military trend has been, and this pretty cadet jacket is sure to keep you in style. Aren't the little gold buttons so cute?

3. Velvet is so luxurious and I love that this look has come back. Keep it feeling modern with this Alexander Wang collarless blazer.

4. A classic trench is a must-have for your wardrobe. I love the sailor collar and belt on this one... plus, the label is called Lover. So adorable!

5. This is my dream leather jacket that, unfortunately, will always be just a dream [unless you happen to want to drop $2675 on a gift for me]. I am in love with the drapey neck and want to ride a motorcycle all over town in this buttery leather jacket.

6. Capes can oftentimes be really tricky, but this comfy wool option from Urban Outfitters is right up my alley. The satin lining will keep it from being itchy, plus it's got that adorable hood.

7. I'm really curious to see this Vivienne Westwood piece on... it may look a bit hobo-ish! However, I love the blend of light and dark grays, and again, it looks sooo cozy.

8. Another Vivienne Westwood - this amazing navy coat! The huge, oversized collar makes me quite happy and I love that it can easily be dressed up or down.