Hello 2010 :: Goals & Dreams

Goals & Dreams

Hello, hello! Monday... Most of us are back to work today, getting back into the routine after the holidays. It's tough, isn't it?? I've found myself craving all kinds of holiday treats, daydreaming and being easily distracted with everything but the work that I need to get done!

One thing I did do today? {I can hardly believe that I'm saying this} :: I have begun training for my very first {and probably ever} half-marathon! I haven't run since middle school and usually find myself short of breath after a trip up the stairs... so I have a lot of work to do before the race in April. :) I've had many friends participate in marathons and always found myself thinking, "I could never ever do anything like that." Well, I'm going to prove myself wrong this time. I don't care how long it takes me to cross that finish line, I am just determined and excited to do it.

I have many goals for the year - would love for you to share some of yours, too!

1. Become a better cook! I'm ready to experiment more! Any yummy recipes I should try?
Become a better cook!

2. Read and watch as many classic books and movies as possible! Recommendations?
Classic Books & Movies

3. Take lots of road trips! Savannah, Charleston, Louisville & Birmingham are just a few on the list...
Road Trips

4. Learn more about photography and takes lots and lots of photos! I'm going to try to document life a bit better here. And I just ordered this beauty!
Canon G10 Camera
5. Team up with lots of creative people. I've got some fun ideas in the works and am excited to collaborate with other artists and bring these thoughts to life!

I'll share a few more of my goals with you tomorrow {I have quite the list}. I'm hoping that by posting them here, I'll feel a bit more motivated and maybe even we'll share the same ones! Hope your holidays were great!

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