Frozen Pipes

Today I am grateful for a new day and a new week! This weekend wasn't a fun one for us... The one night we forgot to leave our water trickling, our pipes froze! We cranked the heat in our house up to 80° {it was sooo hot in here}, ran out to buy space heaters and multiple gallons of water, poured boiling water down the drains and the hubs even braved the tiny crawl space under our house several times to check it all out. Still, nothing.

The water company came out last night {having realized it was their pipes that froze, between our meter and the street} and a little bit after midnight we finally had running water again! HOORAY! I never realized how inconvenient it is to not be able to shower when you need to, use the facilities or cook and wash the dishes. It has slowly warmed up and the snow is almost all melted... It was pretty while it lasted, but I'm more than ready for some warmer temps!

footprints in the snow
flower pots in the snow
rusty old swing in the snow

Happy Monday, lovelies!