[Fashion] Falling For Lilac

The color palette for Fall 2009 is much more unique and enticing than the typical autumn colors. Gray is the new black. Show your patriotic side with a true red that is ever-so-flattering. Think rich and vibrant this season!

My favorite shade right now is a bit in between the purple and pink colors, almost more of a lilac. Remember that these colors are just a guide {and not for everyone}, and that you can still look stylish in various shades of the colors!

I have started seeing these fun colors everywhere and the thought of cooler weather, hot chocolate and layering makes me so giddy! I'm {obviously} really ecstatic about fall fashion and feel it could be one of the most romantic color seasons yet. I recommend not only wearing these colors on their own, but combining them for a super distinct, fashionable look {see my post from yesterday for wonderful color pairing and inspiration from Marc Jacobs}! For the next few Fashion Fridays, I'll be picking a color each week and posting lots of lovely outfit, shoe and accessory ideas.

Whatever your taste, you'll be sure to find lots of great looks in a fabulous lilac-inspired color this autumn ::