Putting The Pieces Together :: Part 4

Lindsey Hornkohl is Mrs. Creative or, as she says, "...an artist who spends her time seriously devoted to watercolor, not so seriously devoted to murals, engaged quite often in various crafts and quilting and creating for my home." She has a seriously beautiful Etsy shop, and I'm currently addicted to the Mini Harmonica Pendant and Bicycle Felted Zipper Pouch.

I love how casual and simple the look that she chose is. It's nothing over-the-top and still comes across so very cute and Californian. She lives in gorgeous San Diego and says she would wear this outfit for a day trip down to Balboa Park. If only we could all get to sunny Balboa, CA so easily {and fashionably!}.

I would wear this for a day trip to Balboa Park, as I cruise around the Spanish Art Village and stop in all the local artisans' galleries. I'd stop and paint a little vignette or take a snapshot for later. My chai tea latte and Regina Spektor would keep me company in San Diego... until I head off to meet the husband for a boogy boarding sesh at the beach.