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Colorado: Part I

Colorado was so so wonderful. The weather couldn't have been nicer... being away from the Nashville summer made me realize even more how humid and hot it is in the south! We spent many hours huddled outside on the front porch of my parent's cute rental house. I absolutely adored this little home - the overgrown lavender flowers, the white picket fence, the screechy porch swing, the chirping birdies in the bird house, the ornate detail on the screen door and even the crazy, eclectic neighbors. Ross from across the street stopped by to bring us fresh lettuce from his garden, Floyd {the most precious old man} dropped in to talk about his adventures driving up snowy Pikes Peak in a semi-truck, his lovely wife of 56 years, and his 12 brothers and sisters. I also spent lots of time playing with Brinkley, my parents' precious boxer. We watched her run with her doggy friends in the dog park, which was beautifully nestled in between the stunning mountains. There are many more stories to share {over the next few days}, but, for now, I'll let these photos speak for themselves.

Colorado: Part 2

'Til We See The Shore