Putting The Pieces Together

I am all about expressing yourself through your clothing and embracing your own personal style. Roberta Jane from the lovely Camp Comfort blog has been doing a personal style series that I absolutely adore. If you haven't checked out her inspiring blog, you definitely should. The series is called "How I'd Wear It" and is such a brilliant idea. I thought it would be fun to ask several of my friends (who are also bloggers) to try this idea with me. I've pre-selected one piece of clothing and each of my friends will put together outfits based around it and tell us where they'd wear the outfit.

I thought we'd kick things off with my ever-so-talented sis-in-law Joy Williams. She is a phenomenal artist, and has such a fun and artsy sense of style... not to mention that she always looks so perfectly Euro-chic. Keep up with her adventures here.

The item I've pre-selected for everyone to base their outfit around is the T by Alexander Wang Mini Pocket Tank:

Here is how Joy would wear it for a casual weekend look... perfect for a Saturday morning! Wake up late, go for a walk to meet friends at your favorite brunch spot, and feel free to visit your local flea market afterward, too.

Check back daily (for the next week) for another fun outfit choice and see how others would wear it. Happy Weekend... I'm off to Atlanta!