Hazy Day

Today was a really, really hard day. There's not a lot of words to put to my emotions right now, I just feel a bit lost in a haze. It really has been such a surreal several hours. At about 2:30 pm this afternoon, I got pulled out of a meeting at work to hear that my husband had been in a car accident. Luckily, he is alright - nothing more than aches, scrapes and bruises {and a burn from the air bag}. Travis had been driving and looking for a certain street to turn on, wasn't paying attention and ended up running a stoplight, only to crash head-on with another car.

I left the office as soon as I could and my stomach turned as my brother-in-law pulled us into the driveway. Our car {that we bought just two months ago}:

Cars can be fixed. I'm just so thankful to have my love safe at home. Thanks for all your prayers.