Colorado: Part 2

Have I mentioned how beautiful Colorado is? There were so many likable, quirky parts of town that were such fun to explore with my Mom. Down the road from their rental house, I spotted an old, old house with a rusty "Art's Antique Shop" sign in front, and was immediately anxious to visit there. This hidden treasure was owned by the cutest, tiniest old lady named Mary. Mary was the most friendly and endearing woman, talking our ears off the whole time we browsed the cluttered, beautiful mess. It was a dream come true! I scored some great antiques and vintage clothing at various antique and thrift shops about town. Travis was a tad frustrated that we had to buy two new suitcases to get everything that I had bought home with us. Hey, at least I spotted the suitcases for only $5! That's some justification, right? :)