Sunday Brunch Dress Shop

Take time to slow down & dress up.

The new online Sunday Brunch is full of sweet little dresses perfect for date night on the town, going out with the girls and yes, even Sunday brunch! They are definitely a bit on the pricey side, but can't a girl dream? I adore their story in the "about" section...

No matter how elegant, how timeless, a dress still billows in breezes and swishes in doorways, is always a little different with each wearing and on each person. We don’t dress up to be like someone else, we dress up to be ourselves. A dress makes us more aware of being alive (and not by pinching at the waist!). A dress is about savoring life, *our* lives. When we read a good story, we close our eyes and see the characters. The right dress can make us feel that way. We all deserve to be that sure of, and that happy with, who we are, wherever we are.
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